About Us

Our Profile

We are in the printing field for over fifty years. As a printing industry, we have built a reputation as a quality printer. Our good background in modern graphic design and printing have made us get the necessary skills and knowledge to bring out our clients ideas into great printed materials from calendars, banners, posters, books, brochures, catalogs, newsletters and stationery. We provide high-end total print solutions to all our clients. We are based in Sivakasi (Tamil Nadu, India), a printing hub famous for world class printing. We have the skills and the enthusiasm filled with proper attitude to bring out the resultant product. We focus on giving excellent results that meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. We use market's best quality materials and the State of Art equipment.


We have large format Mitsubishi, Polygraph presses & CTP systems. Our highly-trained professional staffs use the latest technology to finish every job as per specifications with quality. The production is maintained with good quality checks. All our printed products enhance your pride and prestige and you can depend on us for all your printing needs. Every process undergoes inspection and the client service is more than at par with the industry.

Filled with state of the art printing machinery and experienced workforce we have the necessary resources to meet the highest expectations. We are happy with our achievements and our customers are always happy with our products. VTC Print is highly competitive, professional and ordered. The total resources and the technology at our premises enable us to be cost-effective, less time-consuming and quality work as per our client's requirements. Whatever we work is executed as a piece of art relished for eyes. Our expertise in maintaining high end qualities as well as 100% possibility in meeting the time schedules have helped us in holding good clientele and firm association.

Our Services

We print jobs with beautiful colors based on your requirements and deliver the quality products on time. We have printed thousands of such deadline jobs and millions of brochures, catalogues and a dozen million carton boxes, short job works from books to banners and many more. And we supply around 6 million calendars every year. All are done with competitive prices and not compromising on quality. Here is a list of our many products that the markets demands from us.

  • Activity Books
  • Books
  • Boxes- Carton
  • Boxes-Micro Flute
  • Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Coloring Books,
  • Daily Calendars
  • Danglers
  • Drawing Books
  • Educational Charts
  • Posters
  • Invitations
  • Labels
  • Leaflets
  • Notebooks
  • Pocket Books
  • PVC Calendars
  • Sheeter Calendars
  • Soft Bound Books
  • Sticker Charts
  • Foam Banners
  • Stickers
  • Wall Calendars


We have the State of Art Facility and the infrastructures we have are in relation to the changing needs. Advanced machines mostly imported are used to get good and accurate results. In order to achieve our increasing customer base, we have enriched our production capacity. You can find the below listed machineries that we accommodate in our factory premises. Easy to operate with user friendly and high-quality features, the presses offer cost-effective delivery and also facilitating multiple- colour jobs that can be completed on tough schedules. We have three factories to cater to our needs. With a total spanning area of more than 100000 Square feet, we can handle customer orders and smoothly process accordingly.


Pre-Press and Plate Making :

  • Kodak Film to Plate Processor -TST- (Min. Size:640 X 915Max.Size:720*1040)-2Nos.
  • Kodak CTP-TST- (Min. Size:640 X 915Max.Size:720*1040)

Printing Machines :

  • Polygraph -P44- Speed:3000- 13000, Sizes:720*1040
  • Rolland Parva -RZP2C- Speed:2000- 10000, Sizes:280X406-640X915
  • Mitsubhishi -3F4-4color - Speed:3000- 15000, Sizes :340X480-720X1040
  • Akiyama-C4/0-Speed12000, Sizes:680X960
  • Polygraph -P24-2C- Speed:3000- 12000, Sizes:720*1040

Die Cut Machines :

  • Heavy Duty Supra DIE Cut Machine- Indian 100T, Speed:2000- 3500, Sizes:500X350-1260X920
  • Varnishing & Lamination Machines
  • Wood Roll ManualHS-1- Speed: 5000, Sizes:310X406-680X1020
  • Lamination - Prabhat - Speed:30m/min,Sizes:760X1040

Folding Machines :

  • Shoei Star2K-3B- Speed:10000, Sizes:200X200-1000X600

Sewing Machines :

  • HPM80- Speed:3600 cycles/hr, Sizes:150X75-420X320
  • HPM120- Speed:5000 cycles/hr, Sizes:150X75-460X340-2Nos

Cutting Machines :

  • ITOHeRC- Maximum Cutting Size:1400 x 1056- 8.4"TFT
  • ITOHDXeRC- Maximum Cutting Size: 1400 x 1056- 8.4"TFT-12000JobMemory

Packaging :

  • ShrinkW rapS120- Speed: 30 /min- 60/min, Sizes:25-450X200X80
  • Strapper Smart- Sizes: 56" -1040X800X420-2Nos